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Christine & Bryan

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

What do you get when you combine your favorite venue, an amazing team of wedding professionals, and the sweetest couple? And let's not forget a perfect flower dog wearing a pretty lace dress... A dream wedding, that's what!

Richwood on the River in Milton, KY has been a happy place for me since the first time I stepped foot on the property several years ago. It is a special place filled with a special energy that you just can't seem to put your finger on, but it leaves you feeling peaceful and whole. I can't say enough about the owner and the amazing team she has curated.

For this particular wedding, the owner, Colleen Sutton was also the ceremony officiant so she recommended my Personal Bridal Assistant services to the couple to help keep the bride calm, relaxed, and on track for the day. I arrived on the property for rehearsal and then was with the bride from the time she woke up on her wedding day, greeting her with a cup of hot coffee, until the very end of her wedding reception. I was privileged to be part of every aspect of her day, making sure she could just stay grounded and present without any worries or stress.

Owner Dan Hoerst from Images by Daniel Michael was Christine & Bryan's photographer, and he was great as usual. Capturing the gorgeous landscape with all it has to offer, and can we just talk about how perfect Chevy the flower dog is? She was the sweetest girl and was justly rewarded with her own tiny dog wedding cake.

Music was provided by Party Pleasers Services, and they kept the crowd dancing until the very end when everyone was sent outside for the couple to share their last dance alone. Well, almost alone... Chevy was right there by their side!

To end the night, the couple exited from their final dance out onto the terrace where their guests waited to send them off with a sparkler exit. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

We are immeasurably thankful for the opportunity to share this day with Christine & Bryan.

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