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edible drink toppers

Take your wedding cocktail hour to the next level with personalized cocktail toppers. From monograms to custom designs, these toppers will add a special touch to your special day. Consider adding your initials, wedding date, or even a fun message. Our edible cocktail toppers are a tasteless garnish. All of our cocktail garnishes are 2". You can lay your cocktail topper flat and let it float on top of the beverage OR you can pair it with other garnishes like dehydrated fruit, fresh mint, or edible flowers and prop your topper against your other garnishes!


Vintage phone audio guestbook.

Choose a phone that fits your vibe, then friends and family can leave a voicemail recording at your event!

Use promo code: MEL1o for 10% off your order!

Hand on vintage phone, vinyl record, drinks

Coming soon...

We can't wait to share what's next!

Coming Soon...

We can't wait to share what's next!

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