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Not sure if you should hire a band?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Some people think if they hire a band for their wedding, they won't be able to make song requests, or they'll only get to hear one genre of music all night long, or so many other reasons that just aren't true! As much as we love many of this area's high-quality DJs, we really want to tell you about this amazing band, The Chuck Taylors.

Photo Credit: Sarah Babcock Studio

The guys in The Chuck Taylors are the REAL DEAL! Not only are they fun, amazing musicians, but they are also really great human beings. They are individually active in many different charities and non-profits around the tri-state and globally.

Greg Lee is so professional and versatile, and easily moves his setup for an outdoor ceremony. There is nothing like live music for a ceremony in such a beautiful setting!

Photo Credit: Sarah Babcock Studio

The Chuck Taylors engage the crowd, keeping your dance floor packed all night long! They play music that speaks to all generations and their energy is contagious. They can easily read the crowd and quickly adapt if a certain song isn't working. You also get UNLIMITED hours of performance on your big day, so you don't have to worry about having to end your party too early.

I love working with them because I know they will keep my clients and guests happy. They have been playing together for 17 years, so the demos you hear on their website will be from the exact same musicians who will be playing your event... no bait & switch!

They really are the easiest decision to make in the whole process of wedding planning!

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